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Comedy legend Bill Cosby is returning to television for a stand-up special at the end of the month.

It’s the first time the 76-year-old has performed live on a TV show in three decades since the landmark Bill Cosby: Himself aired back in 1983.

The special, Bill Cosby: Far From Finished, will debut on Comedy Central on Nov. 23.

In the 90-minute gig, which was taped in front of a live audience at the Cerritos Performing Arts Center, the legendary comedian-actor shares lessons on marriage, children, relationships and much more.

His performance at the center over summer was titled 50 Years of Making You Laugh[,] Smile and Feel Good.

Indeed, Cosby, best-known for his role on the groundbreaking family series The Cosby Show, has had a hectic schedule. The sprightly entertainer has also been busy with plans to create a brand-new situation comedy.

In an interview with Yahoo TV, the Emmy-award-winning performer said he’s developing a new family sitcom with one of his former partners on The Cosby Show — Tom Werner.

“I want to be able to deliver a wonderful show to [a] network,” said Cosby. “Because there is a viewership out there that wants to see comedy, and warmth, and love, and surprise, and cleverness, without going into the party attitude.”

“They would like to see a married couple that acts like they love each other, warts and all, children who respect the parenting, and the comedy of people who make mistakes.”

Cosby has often criticized what he sees as the disappearance of wholesome family comedies on the small screen.

“When you look at TV… There’s nothing much that I see where people are loved,” he said in a recent interview with Parade. “It’s not about the soul, the touch, the feel. It’s gone.”

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