Mo’Nique: I wasn’t blackballed, the offers I got weren’t good enough

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Monique Lee Daniels

Mo'Nique (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) and Lee Daniels (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Mo’Nique is setting the record straight — again.

The Oscar winner said her “absence” from the big screen since her big win has nothing to do with being “blackballed” by Hollywood.

The offers and roles she received just weren’t good enough.

Mo’Nique joined Don Lemon on CNN Thursday night to address her back and forth with director Lee Daniels.

Watch the full segment between Mo’Nique and CNN’s Don Lemon below:

Daniels, who Mo’Nique calls a friend, said Mo’Nique was “blackballed” by Hollywood because she didn’t “play the game” during the campaign season for his film Precious.

More specifically, Mo’Nique didn’t attend the Cannes Film Festival to promote the movie as producers had requested. The actress told Lemon she had other projects going on, as well as responsibilities as a mother and wife.

The film executives weren’t paying for her to appear, so she “respectfully declined.”

Daniels also implied that Mo’Nique’s so-called demise was brought forth by “reverse racism,” though no one knows what he meant.

Speaking with Lemon Thursday, Mo’Nique described the scripts and offers she received as simply not worthy of the caliber actress she had become.