(Photo: Fox 5 Atlanta)

(Photo: Fox 5 Atlanta)

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A Georgia man was arrested after pointing a gun at a construction crew while shouting racial slurs and threatening to kill them.

According to a report by the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office, Harold Bishop, 72, had become upset on his drive home from work because his path was blocked by construction, and he pulled a gun on the construction crew before unleashing a racial tirade that was captured on video.

“He pulled up on us and he was like get the n-word off the road, I live here, I kill you n-word,” said Nelson King.

King said that he pulled out his phone to record the incident so that he had proof that Bishop had pulled a gun on them while a coworker called 911 to report what was going on.

According to the reporting deputy, Bishop tossed a beer bottle from his window when police arrived, but while they could smell alcohol on Bishop, they could not find a gun. However, King had the video evidence to show that a gun had in fact been involved.

“I showed police the video and they seen the gun when he pointed it at us, they were like oh he’s got to go,” said King.

Bishop was then arrested and charged with five counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, weapon pointing a gun at another, terroristic threats, DUI, and probation violation.

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