(Photo: Fox 29 Philadelphia)

(Photo: Fox 29 Philadelphia)

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A video showing two white Philadelphia police officers questioning a group of young black men appears to show one of the officers responding to a taunt from the group with a threat to shoot one of them.

In the video, the conversation between the police and the group of young black men goes south and ends with the officers telling them to disperse.

“Come on y’all, they might be gonna shoot us,” one of the group members says.

“Not all of you — just one,” says a voice that seems to belong to one of the officers.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross responded to the video after being shown its contents, saying, “There’s no doubt the context is difficult to deny.  We’ve going to have to figure out who made that comment and obviously it’s highly inappropriate.”

Police said that the environment for police officers is growing more treacherous because of attitudes toward police.

“Oh, it’s tough.  We’re under-manned, under equipped. The attitude toward police has changed everywhere around the country. We’ve seen that,” said John McNesby, with the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police.

But for black resident, the problem is one that could cost them their lives.

“They’re not facing justice. It’s open season when it comes to law enforcement targeting black and brown people,” said Asa Khalif with Philadelphia Black Lives Matter.

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