‘Jeopardy!’ introduced a ‘Stay Woke’ category, Twitter responds entertainment jeopardy
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On Friday night, “Jeopardy!” introduced a “Stay Woke” category, and at first, Twitter was over the moon about it.

The phrase has often been used by groups like Black Lives Matter to encourage people to stay alert and aware of social issues and problems, so seeing the category title had many people on Twitter optimistic and celebrating, hoping that this meant there would be a whole category of social issues.

Instead, the category was literally about staying awake, and answers included melatonin, caffeine, and the stimulant product NoDoz.

Twitter was obviously disappointed by the “miss.” This was, the Internet said, a horrible missed opportunity for “Jeopardy!” itself to get woke, and instead, they missed the mark.

While the show is known for its word play, that still doesn’t change the fact that many were disappointed and had been hoping for more.





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