Isha Sesay Angry Black Woman

CNN anchor: 'I'm an angry black woman'

theGRIO REPORT - American media coverage of the Ebola virus is "bizarre,"according to one veteran CNN anchor. CNN International anchor Isha Sesay recently offered some harsh criticisms of American media outlets...
Howard R. Yocum Elementary School

Ebola panic sweeps elementary school

theGRIO REPORT - Two East African children will remain home past the 21-day waiting period before beginning elementary school in New Jersey, due to backlash from district parents about fears of Ebola...
Axl Goode Taylor Cole Amber Vinson Strippers quarantine ebola

Male strippers and Ebola - no touching!

To have two male strippers quarantine themselves after sitting near Amber Vinson, the nurse who was diagnosed with Ebola, seems like a move in the right direction. It seemed like common sense to them - not so much to the CDC.