Some critics think First Lady’s short on style

As the First Family enjoyed a weekend out West, it was their Sunday’s trip to the Grand Canyon that made waves in the fashion world.

Michelle Obama wore shorts in public. It’s not the first time, but it sparked a debate about whether such attire was really appropriate for the First Lady.

Is it an expression of a modern woman? Or has she crossed that fashion line?

While fashionistas the world over rave about how comfortable the First Lady seems in her own skin, how much skin she shows seems to strike some kind of puritanical nerve.

Politico reporter Malika Henderson said, “I think people are beginning to see her as someone whose breaking a lot of barriers and boundaries in terms of what people think is appropriate for a First Lady to wear.”

The Huffington Post even ran a poll: “Does Michelle Obama have the right to bare legs?” it asked, half tongue in cheek.

More than one person responded: “Get a life.”

Critics point out that recent First Ladies were formal almost to a fault: Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Barbara Bush dressed the part.

But the Obama family is one that prides itself in trying to be as “regular” as possible. After all, this was a vacation to the Grand Canyon, not a grand ballroom.

Is it really disrespect for the office or just a prudent clothing choice in 106 degree weather?