Michelle Obama puts designer’s styles on the map

From TheDailyBeast

It was around 6 p.m. on May 19, and designer Peter Soronen was rearranging his desk when the phone began to ring. He was preoccupied with making sure everything was in place as he’d just switched from the third to the fourth floor of his building in Chelsea.

“We moved up,” he says in reference to that day’s work, his words appropriate also for the news that came at the other end of the line. “There was word of a blue dress. We knew it was probably mine.”

An iPhone picture came through, and someone started screaming, “She’s wearing it! She’s wearing it!” and it was confirmed: Michelle Obama had chosen Soronen’s single-shoulder corseted shiny blue dress for the night’s state dinner.

It wasn’t the first time Mrs. Obama had worn Soronen’s design (recall the slate sparkler she wore to last year’s Governors’ Ball) but it didn’t matter. “People are paying attention to what she’s been wearing lately more than other times,” the designer says.

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