By Andrew Jones
From Raw Story:

Congress’ television ambitious Joe Walsh (R-IL) appeared on the air waves again Tuesday morning, slamming President Obama and the Democrats for blaming the Tea Party Republicans for S&P’s downgrade.

Interviewed by Bill Hemmer on Fox’s “America Live,” the Illinois Congressman responded to a report of the DCCC targeting House GOP members over the credit agency’s decision to lower America’s rating. Walsh was quick to first attack not his House colleagues, but Obama.

“The President is like a teenage boy who had a big party and trashed his parents’ house while his parents were gone,” Walsh said. “Then he gets really upset when his parents come back home and make him clean up the mess. These troublesome House Republicans were sent to Washington to help the President clean up this mess.”

When Hemmer asked Walsh about his thoughts of the Democrats’ “Tea Party Downgrade” message, Walsh did not hesitate to continue harshly accessing his rival party.

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