Prosecutors want Zimmerman's bond revoked, say he had second passport

The prosecution in the second degree murder case against George Zimmerman in the death of Miami teenager Trayvon Martin, have asked the court to revoke his bond, saying he had a second passport that he did inform the court about, and that he misled the state about his finances.

Zimmerman was released on $150,000 bond in April, after a hearing in which he and his family pleaded indigence. After bond was granted, media outlets learned that a PayPal account Zimmerman created before his new attorney, Mark O’Mara, came onboard, had garnered more than $200,000. And the new account created by O’Mara was raising money at a $1,000 a day clip.

Friday’s motion was part of a hearing in which prosecutors and Zimmerman’s defense lawyers moved to seal additional evidence in the case from the press, with assistant state attorney Bernie De La Rionda saying the case was being tried in the media, rather than in a court of law, and he blamed social media like Twitter, and other technologies he said he has “never heard of.”

The joint motion is a rarity for the case, but De La Rionda called the sealing of evidence something about which “the state and defense will agree.”

With reporting by NBC News’ Jay Novogrod