American Black Film Festival: Because Holly-wouldn’t, may the best filmmaker please stand up!

african kings



Written & Directed by Kimberly Townes

“The overall mission of this film is about standing up for yourself; especially as a girl because sometimes we’re not raised to fight back”

-Kimberly Townes

High School is a battleground for a bullied and withdrawn teen who finds relief in the crush she has on her math teacher. But when her tormentors find out about it, she finally comes to her own defense using a secret equation she learned in class.

Cherry Waves

Written & Directed by Carey Williams

“ I chose a female lead in this film because I just like to write strong female characters”

Carey Williams

A disenchanted underground street fighter faces her biggest challenge yet- deciding whether to continue living her life for her handicapped mother and dubious fight promoter, or finally living for herself and the woman she loves.


Written & Directed by Donald Conley

“ I wanted to touch on how a lot of times young men like myself…we lose our childhood a little too early and that transition is hard so we really need to start nurturing these kids a lot more”

-Donald Conley

Rashad assumes responsibility for his household during the one morning that will change the rest of his life. This is the story of two brothers growing up in a matter of moments.


Written & Directed by Andre Wilkins

“This film was inspired by Aesop Fables; which is why I had to figure a way to make the animals in the film communicate with the characters.”

-Andre Wilkins

Faced with a vicious crime, Womack is at a crossroads. With over 30 years on the streets of Brooklyn, the harsh realities of the underworld have shifted his conscience to a new realm. Will he turn left to the familiar, or right to the unknown?

Busted on Brigham Lane

Written & Directed by Talibah Newman

“I just wanted to make a film about transformation so that a lot of us can forgive and move forward and continue to build our community and families and continue to lift our black men and our fathers because…we need them.”

-Talibah Newman

Her 18th birthday just days away, an imaginative young woman takes unusual; creative measures to reconcile with her estranged father — and discovers that he’s a different man than she remembers.

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