Reverend Jeremiah Wright: Elite universities infecting blacks with 'white racist DNA'

President Obama has distanced himself from Reverend Jeremiah Wright and his controversial comments since 2008. But it seems that the reverend doesn’t like being left behind.

Just a few miles away from the White House, at the Baptist Church on Florida Avenue, Wright addressed the  congregation during their 100th anniversary this week with a fiery sermon that lasted almost an hour. He urged them not cede their education to “our enemies.”

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“Take that baby, him or her away, from the African mother, away from the African community, away from the African experience … and put them Africans over at the breasts of Yale, Harvard, University of Chicago … UCLA or UC-Berkeley,” he said. “Turn them into biscuits. Let them get that alien DNA all up inside their brain and they will turn on their own people in defense of the ones who are keeping their own people under oppression. Sheep dogs.”

“There’s white racist DNA running through the synapses of his or her brain tissue. They will kill their own kind, defend the enemies of their kind or anyone who is perceived to be the enemy of the milky white way of life.”

During his sermon Wright  listed influential African-Americans throughout history and most noticeably failed to mention Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

“As we celebrate the foundations of our future, this is not a time to romanticize because we have the first African-descended president in the White House…You see this is what the Tea Party is trying to do…We need to tell our children…how we got from a black congressman named Adam Clayton Powell to a black president named Barack Hussein Obama,” he said to applause,“but we also need to tell them how we have black politicians who steal money.”

Some observers have argued that this most recent outburst from Rev. Wright won’t have much of an impact on the president politically.

“The fact that Wright is attacking Obama today gives further credence to the idea that Obama has successfully distanced himself from Wright at this point,” Andra Gillespie, an Emory University political scientist, wrote to the Huffington Post.

Leonard Steinhorn, a communications professor from American University, adds, “The American people have had four years observing Barack Obama under the media microscope, and they see no connection between him and the rantings of Rev. Wright.”

The White House has yet to respond to Wright’s sermon.

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