Will Smith, Denzel Washington ranked among top 10 most valuable movie stars

theGRIO REPORT - Vulture.com listed the 100 most valuable stars in Hollywood and the top 10 includes A-list actors Denzel Washington and Will Smith....

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Vulture.com listed the 100 most valuable stars in Hollywood, and the top 10 includes A-list actors Denzel Washington and Will Smith. The site rated the artists on their income nationally and globally, number of Oscars, magazine cover, tabloid value, studio value, critics score and of course their good old-fashioned likability.

Will Smith was voted number two, and would have outranked number one pick Robert Downey Jr., had it not been for his four year movie hiatus as he focused on his children’s careers (Jaden was ranked #67). Audiences around the world welcomed Smith back to the big screen in Men In Black 3 with $436.6 million, his highest grossing (internationally) of the sci-fi trilogy.

Denzel Washington has had every movie but one (The Great Debaters) in the last ten years gross over $50 million, making him one of the most  dependable and consistent stars at the box office, and putting him at #4 on the list.

A little further down the list, Dwayne Johnson, also known as ‘The Rock,’ gets credit for his action packed films as well as much cuter Disney movies such as The Game Plan and Race to Witch Mountain. His image is the tough guy who is also sweet. Johnson keeps his older fans from when he was a wrestler by going back into the ring every once in a while.

Of the 100 stars considered to be valuable in Hollywood, only one female of color makes an appearance. All the way down at #99 is Zoe Saldana. Although she played a major role in one of the biggest films of the decade, Avatar,  Saldana was completely motion captured and some moviegoers may not have even know she was the one who brought the female lead to life.

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