Jackson family allegedly want to replace Jesse Jr. with younger brother Jonathan

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NBC Chicago- The New York Post is reporting that Rev. Jesse Jackson is looking to dump his son from Congress and replace him with younger brother Jonathan.

Quoting anonymous “family sources,” the paper reported:

 Jesse Sr., the civil-rights leader and former Democratic presidential candidate, has also taken control of Jesse Jr.’s congressional office, managing media inquiries about the congressman’s health, the sources said.

“The Reverend and Mrs. Jackson have an agenda that may not be Jesse Jr.’s . . . return to Congress,” one source speculated.

“The reverend is getting older and less and less relevant and he wants his legacy to live on in his son Jonathan. He doesn’t control Jesse Jr., who’s very much his own guy. He thinks he’ll have more weight with Jonathan in the position.”

Back in 1995, the reverend made his son a congressman, financing the 30-year-old’s campaign by collecting money from Rainbow PUSH donors and spending it on expensive mailers and phone banks. Most of his Junior’s money came from out of state. Bill Cosby and Johnnie Cochran wrote checks.

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