Samuel L. Jackson cusses for Obama campaign: 'Wake the f**k up!'

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Few things make me as giddy as hearing Samuel Jackson cuss. Yes, he cusses – he doesn’t curse. The acclaimed actor stars in a new Obama ad, modeled after Adam Mansbach’s best-selling faux children’s book, Go the F**k to Sleep. It’s being released online this week and it’s a scream — literally.

Samuel Jackson, with the help of Little Suzie, literally screams ot an all too typical-looking American family in a nearly 4-minute web ad created by the Jewish Council for Education and Research boldly titled: Wake the F**k Up.

If you’ve been asleep for the last couple of years you might have missed the meteoric emergence of Mansbach’s now classic “children’s” book.  Its genesis was a Facebook post crafted by Mansbach in frustration with his own daddy duties.

But the genius of the book is its attention to the children’s book form even as it embraces the fantasy of a profane response to the routine challenge of putting our children to bed.  Wake the F**k Up takes just enough cues from this winning formula.

It screens like a political ad, but Jackson’s (and ultimately Little Suzie’s) profane interventions just might jolt voters/viewers out of their apathy and their nonplussed malaise – unfortunate results of the political fatigue that the current election cycle has been so adept at producing.