Wisconsin's Rep. Gwen Moore slams Richard Mourdock’s rape comments

Speaking with MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts, Wisconsin Congresswoman Gwen Moore addressed the Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock’s comment about pregnancy and rape saying, “I have the same experience that many women and many rape victims and rape survivors have.”

During a debate for the Indiana Senate seat, Mourdock, who is endorsed by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, stirred up controversy when he said, “even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that is something that God intended to happen.”

“Rape is very serious,” said Moore, who has been a victim of rape herself.

“Most rape victims are women … so I think men really don’t realize all of these comments minimize the impact of rape on women,” she added, referencing comments made by the likes of Paul Ryan, who believe rape is just another form of conception.

The congresswoman said, for people like Ryan and Mourdock, “The zygote, the egg and the sperm meeting, that’s more important to them than women’s lives and women’s health.”

Moore also expressed concern over Romney’s intention to repeal Roe v. Wade if he had the opportunity.

She said “women in American ought to be very, very concerned and very afraid” because of the men in congress who are trying to redefine rape and “turn back the clock on women’s ability to receive abortion should they find themselves in this circumstance.

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