Einhorn Foundation confirms it paid for 'voter fraud' billboards in Wisconsin

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An obscure family foundation has confirmed that it paid for a billboard advertising campaign warning of the legal penalties for voter fraud. A joint investigation by theGrio and One Wisconsin Now revealed that the Einhorn Family Foundation, led by Steven Einhorn, was behind the billboards, which began appearing in minority-heavy parts of Milwaukee, Wisconsin with just weeks to go before the presidential election. The boards were bought anonymously from Clear Channel Outdoor advertising by a “private family foundation,” and eventually taken down after weeks of protests.

Now, the Einhorn Family Foundation is acknowledging it was behind the billboard campaign. When first contacted by theGrio, a public relations firm representing the foundation denied they had any part in purchasing the billboard ads.

A statement released late Monday by the Einhorn Family Foundation reads:

“Stephen and Nancy Einhorn placed these billboards as a public service because voter fraud —whether by Republicans or Democrats — undermines our democratic process. By reminding people of the possible consequences of illegal voting, we hope to help the upcoming election be decided by legally registered voters.”

Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now had this response:

Perhaps their Chicago public relations firm could answer why the Einhorns only felt it was necessary to target legal voters in minority communities, and why they didn’t feel the need to do this “public service” throughout communities across Wisconsin where a majority of the residents are white. Or put their name on it, rather than hiding behind the cowardly veil of anonymity.

Read the original theGrio/One Wisconsin Now investigation here.

One Wisconsin Now contributed to this report.

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