91-year-old great-grandmother wins lottery for the 2nd time

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Whoever said lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place has obviously never met 91-year-old Lena Eaton. She may well be the luckiest great-grandmother in the United States.

The Indianapolis resident has won two lotteries within a three month span, beating odds of 5.7 trillion-to-1, reports the Indianapolis Star.

In August, she won her first lump sum of $300,000 on a Hoosier Quick Draw Lottery ticket. Then last week, she brought a Scorchin’ Hot 9s, $5 scratch-off, to rake in $99,999.

According to the paper, Eaton, who has six children, 16 grandchildren, and more than 20 great grandchildren, is doing renovations to her home and spreading the love, to her loved ones.

“It’s been a pleasure being able to help them,” she said.