Ohio state senator Nina Turner wears T-shirt: 'GOP: Get out of my panties'

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Ohio’s Republican state lawmakers are renewing their efforts to strip $1.7 million in funding from Planned Parenthood, but Democrat state senator Nina Turner is not having any of it.

During a press conference held by Planned Parenthood to oppose the new anti-abortion bill put forward, Turner wore a provocative t-shirt that that suggested a new meaning for the Grand Old Party’s acronym; “GOP: Get Out of my Panties.”

“If they continue their pursuit to condemn women, we will not stand for it,” Turner said.

Ohio Republicans are also attempting to revive the “heartbeat bill” which would ban all abortions after the fetal heartbeat is detected. This often occurs before women even realize that they are pregnant.

The bill refuses to make any exceptions even for rape, incest or life of the mother.

The Ohio senator expressed frustration at these types of amendments that were being promoted by Republicans in her state and around the country. For instance, a proposed amendment bans physician assistants from placing or removing Intrauterine Devices (IUD’s) and another in Virginia that requires women to have an ultrasound before an abortion.

Turner has been inspired by other female lawmakers in the country who have presented protest amendments that target male sexual reproduction to prove a point. There  have been proposals such as the “spilled semen amendment” which declares it an “act against unborn children for men to waste semen,” one that requires men to get a rectal exam, watch a graphic video about the effects of drugs like Viagra and undergo a cardiac stress test before obtaining a prescription.

Texas state representatives even presented a bill that would force the state to provide “free college for children carried to term.”

Turner recently introduced her own protest bill. It restricts men from getting a prescription for Viagra without meeting certain government conditions.

“We should show the same attention and love to men’s reproductive health as we do to women’s,” Turner told the Huffington Post. “And my bill does that.”

Her bill would require men men to receive psychological counseling to verify that they have a medical reason for taking erectile dysfunction medication, and would require doctors to inform men in writing about the potential risks of these drugs.

State Senator Turner’s T-shirt is another expression of her beliefs about the targeting of women’s reproductive systems by the Republican Party in Ohio, even after polls during the election suggested that Ohioans are supportive of abortion rights.

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