“When I think about Solo Star – I was really young – I think about a time I was trying to find my own independence, and I think about the struggle then it was to tell an exec I want to write my own songs,” she remarked. “I have an entirely different emotional connection and reaction to [True]. It is difficult to create something really personal to me…As a women especially, you have so much growth – personally, artistically – and so it has been strange for people to highlight [the last album] so much because it’s been four years, which is a real god**** long time.”

She added, “There are songs on the [new] record that I wrote that are extremely personal to me that were a sort of therapy for me to explore very real truths…and so I think I’d love for everyone to walk out of here just knowing this has been such a journey.”

While Knowles may not have been topping Billboard charts in recent years, she has remained busy with other artistic endeavors. This year alone, she signed a modeling contract with Next Model Management, began blogging for Vogue.com, furthered her pursuits as a club D.J., and additionally spent time in front of the camera as an actress.

Explained the entertainer, the flexibility at Terrible allowed for a necessary track to balance her madly spinning world.

“I have an 8-year-old son, he’s in school now,” she commented. “It really was about me setting up my life with simplicity and structure for him, and this has allowed me to do that and sort of create my own lane.”

True is a teaser to Knowles’ upcoming third studio album, due in 2013.

The complete tracklist for True:

“Losing You”

“Some Things Never Seem to F**king Work”

“Locked in Closets”

“Lovers in the Parking Lot”

“Don’t Let Me Down”

“Look Good With Trouble”

“Bad Girls”

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