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Embattled comedian Katt Williams is in trouble yet again.

Less than a week after he allegedly led police on a high-speed chase on a motorized tricycle, Williams has reportedly been arrested for a recent bar fight and in a separate incident, was caught on camera striking a Target employee.

The fight is said to have taken place in Seattle. Police claim that Williams “brandished a pool cue at a bar manager and refused to leave the business.”

TMZ reports that Williams also “followed a family outside of the bar where he threw a cigarette at a woman as she got into her car, hitting her in the eye.”

Last week, while shopping in a Target in Sacramento, Williams snapped at an employee, quickly slapping them in the face. A video of that confrontation has since gone viral.

Williams’ run-ins with the law have been ubiquitous in recent weeks, so much so that they have been parodied on Saturday Night Live.

There is evidence that fans are running out patience with the performer. He was recently sued by disgruntled fans disappointed with his erratic behavior and disorganized recent tour.