Tamron Hall, Michael Eric Dyson, and Al Sharpton
Tamron Hall, Michael Eric Dyson, and Al Sharpton. (Photo: Getty Images)

MSNBC has reported a huge ratings increase recently of 20 percent. African-American media-watching site Shadow and Act has attributed this growth to a nearly 61 percent increase in the cable news network’s black viewership:

The network announced an incredible increase in their already large number of black viewers —  a whopping 60.5%increase during the past year.


No doubt MSNBC’s more progressive leaning approach to the news and their wide array of black hosts and pundits such as Toure, Melissa Harris-Perry, Tamron Hall, Joy-Ann Reid… Karen Finney, Michael Steele, Al Sharpton, Eugene Robinson, Jonathan Capehart, Goldie Taylor and if I’ve forgotten anyone, I’m sorry, have played a large part in the increase in black viewers.

When recently asked about this remarkable development, MSNBC president Phil Griffith said: “I think we made a commitment, we decided, that in order for this channel to succeed, that we had to reflect the country. This meant that we had to be part of the country in ways that the other channels weren’t.”

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