On Sunday’s Melissa Harris Perry Show on MSNBC, frequent guest and University of Pennsylvania religion professor Anthea Butler went the extra mile to show how proud she is of her natural, and naturally gray hair: she snatched off her own wig on television.

The wig-snatching came during a taped segment which showed part of a March 1st U. Penn conference on the “politics of black women’s hair.” During that seminar, Butler whipped off a wig that mimicked her famed tresses, to reveal rows of braid twists, which she uses to create the corkscrew effect of the finished product so many have come to know on cable TV.

Butler’s message: all hair types are beautiful, and important.

Watch the segment, and also watch the subsequent segment, which highlighted two women who have turned the fact of black women being about 6 percent of the U.S. population — but more than a third of haircare product customers — into a thriving, tech-driven online business.

MHP Show: Black women make haircare, tech, their business:

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