Rising artists breakdown personal tracks on theGrio’s B-Side

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Inspired from the cassette tapes of the 90’s, theGrio’s B-Side section will be giving emerging artists a platform to share some of their more personal songs with their fanbase.

Featuring words from Raven Sorvino, Austin Millz, Nemo Achida, and Tracey Quake checkout this week’s B-side tracks.

Raven Sorvino: Rapper-  Lemeirt Park, CA /Houston, Texas – “GoYard (Houston, Paris)”

The inspiration for this record was Nas’ “One Love”. I told my producer,  J Hyphen to flip it on some H-Town / Leimert Park and he came back the same day with the track.

I even start off the rhyme paying homage to Nas on “One Love” he comes in “What up Kid, I know sh*t is rough doing ya bid” I came in and flipped it “What up B*tch, I be’s on my paper grind” in a Pimp C cadence. As far as the title, I called this flow “GoYard” which is top quality and very rare luggage which I felt is what I’m bringing to the game.

Imagine if the culture & people of H-Town was in Paris eating gumbo and playing Big Moe on the Eiffel tower…

Austin Millz: Producer-DJ, Harlem, New York – Jheno Aiko – “The Worst” (Austin Millz Remix)

I had a ton of inspiration flowing when I created/remixed Jhene Aiko’s track “The Worst”. After listening to her EP Sail Out, I was inspired by her tone of voice and substance of her body of work for the project. “The Worst” was my favorite track on the project, and the tone and atmospheric texture of the song just stood out to me.

The way her voice smoothly rides the beat gave me a great pallet to work from and it help me create my own version with my own flair to it. I think my drums perfectly complemented her voice and vice versa, and the track paints a great picture.


Tracey Quake: Rapper-Singer, Wilmington, DE – “Beaches And Bonfires”

It’s the end of the summer, and it’s time to go to school for one last time. The summer was fulfilled with great parties, memorable times, family, friends and laughter.

Now it’s time to get serious as the day for graduation is quickly approaching. I just hope you’re ready when i come back. This is my Senior Presentation.


Nemo Achida: rapper, Lexington, KY-  “Nowadays They Spark”

Ever since about 2005/2006 there’s been a wave of gun-violence in the college town I’m from, Lexington, Kentucky, which isn’t typically a city that has to deal with shootouts & drive-bys.

2013 brought forth a war among the youth that I didn’t see coming and I lost a nice amount of childhood friends at clubs, bowling alleys, park functions, etc. So since I have a voice amongst that scene, I figured I should put the warning out.

Game time is over…either be all the way in or all the way out. Nobody really wants to put they hands up & brawl anymore. The lust for evil-reputation is at an all-time high and it’s the youngest dudes in the streets that are taking lives.

I mentioned MLK Blvd., because it seems to always be in the middle of the most poverty stricken, violence/drug ridden communities and although MLK had a very strong and powerful dream, walking down MLK Blvd. is a constant reminder that his dream has only been partly fulfilled.


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