theGrio’s 100: Julian Sharpe, the inventor saving a nation from natural disasters

Who is Julian Sharpe?

Julian Sharpe is an inventor hailing from Seattle, Washington and the creator of the Tsunami survival capsule. He is a graduate of Loughborough University of Technology, UK in 1985 with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and Design. He worked in the development of British aviation projects from passenger planes to helicopters. In 2007 he completed his last contract at Boeing, Everett and opened IDEA International. (Innovative, Design, Engineering and Analysis).

Why is Julian Sharpe in theGrio’s 100?

National weather disasters are events difficult to plan for and to predict. It can be life threatening injuries. Enter the tsunami capsule designed by Sharpe. Complete with food, storage space, and breathing modules, the capsule is made for survival.

In an interview with WalesOnline, Sharp believes that over 135 countries  could get hit by a tsunami wave, so the market is ripe. Models that seat four and six people would be intended for the United States, where 7 million people are vulnerable to tsunamis, he said.

He explained that the capsule’s spherical shape is ideal for absorbing impact if the craft were to be tossed around and collide with debris.

By Sharpe’s estimates the survival pod will average between $8,000 to 10,000 to produce. A hefty price point but what would you pay to survive the next apocalypse?

What’s next for Sharpe?

Sharpe will continue to provide inventions that will revolutionize the way we view safety. He’s not the only one in the business of disaster prevention. A Chinese farmer has created safety capsule in the case the Mayan Apocalpyse does actually occur. We’ll put our money on Julian Sharpe.