Cicely Tyson in front of the former residence of Miles Davis (312 West 77th Street) holding up the Miles Davis Way sign. (Photo by Earl Gibson)

Monday marked what would have been the 88th birthday of jazz legend Miles Davis.

This week, hundreds gathered in New York City for the unveiling of “Miles Davis Way” — a street on the Upper West Side of the city that has been renamed after the iconic jazz pioneer.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed a bill last December to rename a stretch of West 77th street between Riverside Drive and West End Avenue in Davis’ honor. He was once a long-time resident of the address.

“It’s a great honor for my uncle,” said Vince Wilburn, Jr., Davis’ nephew. “The family is very excited about Miles Davis Way and thanks the community for all of their support.”

Actress Cicely Tyson — who wed Davis in 1981 but divorced seven years later — also attended the event.

“When Miles Davis passed away, I received a number of telephone calls,” she said, according to Yahoo! Music. “One was from my teacher and she said to me, ‘Do you think he realized how much he was loved?’ And I said, ‘I don’t think so.’ Well, today there is evidence of how much he was and is still loved. I’m just sure he’d say, ‘Why’d it take you all so long?’ This is Miles Davis Way. It has always been Miles Davis Way.”

Davis was a man of incredible talent who quickly solidified himself as one of jazz music‘s greatest artists.

His life is currently being documented through a biopic titled Kill the Trumpet Player with actor Don Cheadle playing the leading role. Zoe Saldana will also star in the film and is expected to portray Davis’ first wife, Frances Davis.

Miles Davis died in 1991 of pneumonia, respiratory failure and a stroke. He was 65.

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