Attention Lil’ Kim: Stop the diss records and – just stop

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All I want for Christmas is someone to sit Kimberly Jones down and have a tough talk with her about maturity and why it skipped her this year (and the last 5).

The lady clearly has a chip on her shoulder that is distracting her from making music that will put her back on top musically.

Beyonce and Nicki Minaj released the Flawless remix this past Saturday. I was enthused by the collaboration of two of the reigning women in music, but I was firmly underwhelmed by the end product. The song was just ok. So on Monday, when Lil’ Kim dropped her remix of the remix by appending a mediocre 30 second verse to the end of it, I wondered why she even bothered.

I wrote about how Lil Kim RSVP’d to the Flawless remix party she wasn’t invited to already, and I sufficiently expressed my reasons to side-eye the self-proclaimed Queen Bee.

Lil’ Kim basically Lil’ Mama’ed the track. She showed up at the end when everyone was already clapping, wondering why she’s there. She’s the kinda person who shows up on the playground after you picked teams for dodgeball, making the game all uneven. Petty. Sit this round out, madam! Or go start your own game.

She’s the kind who tries to walk up on you while you’re playing “Solitaire” talmbout “can I join?”

No. You. Cannot.

As if that wasn’t enough, yesterday, Kimberly came out with a single called “Identity Theft,” and it was a diss record to Nicki Minaj. The cover art is a picture of Nicki on an ID card that has Kimberly’s name and stats on it. Lady, why must you do the most with the utter least? Who are her mentors? Where are her advisers? What is wrong with her, and why is she so pressed?

For you to place the face of your archnemesis on your cover is to allow your disdain for them to define your work. That is pitiful and juvenile, and Lil’ Kim is pushing 40. She’s too old for this behavior.

I’m not even a Nicki Minaj fan, and I’m good and tired of Lil’ Kim dropping these raggedy diss records about her. And I mean raggedy because they lyrics are elementary as hell. I get it that Nicki did swagger jack Kim and stole looks and whatnots, but dedicating her entire career to Operation Takedown Onika isn’t a recipe for success. That’s not how she’s gonna win.

Kim is a mother now, to a daughter named Royal Reign (we gon leave that name alone). Why doesn’t she have new business to rap about? Surely she can talk about labor and delivery or something. Can she write a love song to her baby? Ok fine, let me be fair. I’m not saying that being a mother should change her way of rapping, but hasn’t she developed new perspective on life? Is growth busy?

Year 1 of the Lil’ Kim vs. Nicki Minaj beef was cute. Year 5 of Kim arguing with herself is not. I need the ushers to get Sister Jones away from the sanctuary, because she’s prostrated at the altar of petty for far too long

Honestly, both of them are wack for continually throwing shots at each other, but Kim creates whole diss records still. I just want Kim to stop being the permanent Parliamentarian of Team Bad Decisions. I’ve already given up on how her looks have devolved because of the excessive and poor plastic surgery she’s gotten that now has her looking like a funhouse mirror version of Disney’s Mulan.

But the fact that she wants people to see her as the Queen Bee when all she puts out is anti-Nicki music lets me know she doesn’t really want to prosper.

Lil’ Kim is a talented MC, and there’s room for her, but I want Biggie’s protégé to spend as much time creating records that folks want to jam to as she does pointing empty cannons at this archnemesis of hers. Maybe then she can start getting invites to award shows again instead of watching them from the bar across the street, mad that Nicki is the opening act. OOP.

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