Rosie Perez blasted for saying Whitney biopic 'must have killed Bobbi Kristina'

Rosie Perez returned to her co-hosting duties at The View yesterday, but comments she made about Bobbi Kristina landed her in the hot seat.

Perez made comment during the show’s Hot Topics segment discussing Bobbi Kristina’s tragic condition, but her choice of words sparked immediate backlash on social media.

The 50-year-old actress brought up the Whitney Houston biopic which aired last month on Lifetime and said, “Just thought about the movie that came out, and this is no disrespect to Angela Bassett because I love [her], but this unauthorized bio of her mom must have killed her.”

Perez instantly realized what she said and clarified her statement.

“That was terrible phrasing,” she continued. “It must have hurt her deeply to watch that. We forget these people are human beings. We put them into the tabloids, and we forget they’re human beings.”

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