Keyshia Cole slams husband again on Instagram: 'You slept with a woman in our home! In our bed!'

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Just days ago, Keyshia Cole set social media on fire when she put her estranged husband, Daniel Gibson, on blast for being unfaithful.

Keyshia was visiting Daniel on the set of his new music video when she discovered he was texting with another woman on his phone while in her presence.

Keyshia then took a screenshot of his phone and posted the photo to Instagram.

“I guess the starting over as ‘Friends’ thing doesn’t work,” Keyshia wrote. “How could you invite me to a video shoot, but your trying to mess with the ‘love interest’ while your wife is there!”

Daniel clapped back with an Instagram post of his own.

“I’ll only say this. I ain’t with all this messy sh-t,” he wrote. “This is not the place for any of this but I won’t be quiet and sit back when you decide to involve an innocent child you force my hand. Make people think I’m a hoe, cool, let people think your perfect.. I don’t care, but it takes a sick person to involve a child when they know what I do for him. For attention? Ratings? I FaceTime’d with my son yesterday through his grandmother because I did not want to speak to his mother. & he said ‘I WANT TO BE WITH YOU because my mom been sleep all day!’

Keyshia was not about to let Daniel have the last word, so she decided to go all the way in, with a new Instagram post (that has since been deleted). 

“Gib this is not the #firsttime you’ve missed his [Daniel Jr.] bday. So stop the bullsh-t. And CLEARLY I could’ve been involved in another altercation at your house when u decided to sleep with a woman in our home! In our bed! Where my baby sleeps! So stop with that bullsh!t. #Forratings?? Gib what u fail to realize is before u, I was already established as [an] artist. I don’t need to beef with u for that. I’m just tired of u trying to make people think u want this to work with your family. #CauseClearlyYouDont!”

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And it continues. ☕️?

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