Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon do 'The Evolution of Mom Dance' sequel

And you thought the First Lady couldn’t get any more awesome.

Michelle Obama appeared last night on “The Jimmy Fallon Show” in honor of the fifth year of her “Let’s Move” campaign and the #GimmeFive challenge. As part of her appearance, she and Fallon did “Part 2” of “The Evolution of Mom Dancing.” The first video was done in 2013.

The dancing ranged from the everyday mom dancing such as “The Shimmy Twist” to household chores such as “Getting A Bag From Your Collection of Plastic Bags Under the Sink” and other embarrassing Mom moments like “One Move Behind in Zumba Class.”

But the best moment, by far, was when Fallon attempted to make fun of the president with a dance called “The Barack Obama.” Michelle was having none of that and, after her best disapproving face, turned the joke around with her own funny dance called “The Jimmy Fallon.”

Later on the show, the First Lady sat down to talk about her “Let’s Move” initiate and also to talk about being a mom. In the segment, she told Fallon to enjoy the time with his kids before they become teenagers. “You’re still living in the good stage,” she told the late-night host.

Watch the clip below and tell us what you think!