Washington DC reporter Charnice Milton killed by stray bullet

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A beloved Washington D.C. reporter was killed on Wednesday when a gunman, riding a dirt bike, tried to shoot into another group of bikers. Her parents were told that she was used as a human shield.

Charnice Milton, a contributor for Capital Community News (CCN), was on her way home after covering a story on Capitol Hill.

“At 9:28, she texted me and said, ‘I’m on my way home,'” the victim’s mother, Francine Milton, said. “So, I was waiting for her to text me back and let me know if she needed me to pick her up, if she needed us, where she was. And we never got that text last night.”

Watch a full report on Charnice Milton’s tragic death below:

The community is now mourning a reporter who they say truly cared about the issues facing the people on the ground.

“We lost one of our own yesterday,” said editor Andrew Lightman. “Charnice really loved doing community stories. She loved talking to people.”

“The story was being told by people who did not live here, and it took those citizen journalists like Charnice … who gave the true story,” said Ward 8 resident advocate Nikki Peele. “She ate with us, she shopped with us, she worshipped with us.”

Police are urging anyone with information on the shooting to come forward with anonymous tips if possible.