Woman dies following botched butt injection procedure in New York basement

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A woman who idolized Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj died on Saturday after receiving butt injections from what police say was a bogus doctor.

The 34-year-old Kelly Mayhew had, according to her mother, received five similar injections prior to that one. But on Saturday, when Mayhew and her mother arrived at the basement apartment, the latest injection would be her last.

“Her death just came out of nowhere,” said family friend Kem Harris.

Watch a full report on the death of Kelly Mayhew below:

After the injection, Mayhew began gurgling and had trouble breathing. When her mother demanded that the doctor call 911, he instead grabbed his keys and fled the scene, driving away in his SUV.

Mayhew’s mother then began performing CPR on her daughter after calling 911 herself. Mayhew was eventually taken to St. John’s Episcopal Hospital and died there.

The bogus doctor was not the only one to flee after Mayhew’s death, however. Mayhew’s mother said that they had gone to that doctor because a friend had recommended him. However, after the incident, that friend was nowhere to be found and had, in fact, wiped all traces of herself from her social media accounts.

Detectives are still looking for the fake doctor, and the investigation into Mayhew’s death continues, even as an initial autopsy report was inconclusive.

“Following the examination, we are doing additional studies and also await the police investigation,” said Julie Bolcer, spokeswoman for the city medical examiner’s office.