Photographer: Luis Antonio Thompson

In times like these, acknowledging the beauty and the resilience of our community is more important than ever. We’ve witnessed continuous, traumatic acts of violence against black men, often times leaving us frustrated and dispirited.

Beyond this, the media’s portrayal of black families as a dysfunctional monolith is just as outrageous. But despite public opinion, the myth of the absentee black father is finally being debunked.

For this Father’s Day, I had the pleasure of spending time with eighteen dads along with their children. Their love and devotion was undeniable, and when it was time to start shooting, I simply asked, “What’s the best part of being a father?”

What resulted are the portraits above; a celebration of the seldom honored — fully present — fathers in our community.

Luis Antonio Thompson is a writer and photographer from New York City. Find him at @AntonioTheWiser.