Jay Z , Will Smith producing Emmett Till miniseries for HBO

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Jay Z and Will Smith are ready for their next collaboration.

The Hollywood/hip-hop giants will tell the remarkably tragic story of Emmett Till, according to Deadline.com. The mini-series will air on HBO and focus on Till’s life and gruesome death.

The pair recently shared producer credits for last year’s remake of Annie starring Jamie Foxx and Quvenzhané Wallis.

Till was the 14-year-old black boy who was murdered for allegedly flirting with a white woman in Mississippi in 1955.

Although the husband and half-brother of the woman Till allegedly flirted with were not convicted, they later admitted to their guilt once they were safe from prosecution under double jeopardy laws, and the murder and subsequent freedom of the murderers involved ended up becoming a rallying cry for many in the Civil Rights movement.