Mary Davis, 72, eldest member of Special Olympics USA and bocce veteran

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An accident cost Mary Davis a couple of her fingers. But the 72-year-old says it doesn’t bother her and she’s proven just how tough she is as the oldest member of Special Olympics USA.

Davis competes at bocce ball and has been playing the game and competing in the Special Olympics for more nearly 30 years.

“My fingers don’t bother me,” Davis insists. “I can use them. I can cook with them. I can sweep with them. I can do anything with them. I’m never gonna stop, because I like it. I love it.”

Her coach Barbara Rolf says age doesn’t matter in the unique ball sports, and Davis proves it.

“She doesn’t act like she’s 72,” Rolf said. “She plays bocce very well.”

Davis has no plans of stepping away from the game either, not anytime soon.

“I’m never going to stop,” she said. “I love bocce ball.”

Heart officially melted.