Bill O'Reilly: 'Black Lives Matter' wants to tear down the country

theGRIO REPORT - O'Reilly. The Fox News anchor accused the 'Black Lives Matter' movement of being "anarchists," with plans to "tear down the country."...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Oh, Bill O’Reilly.

The Fox News anchor accused the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement of being “anarchists,” with plans to “tear down the country.”

And O’Reilly didn’t stop there. He questioned why entertainers like Jay Z and Beyoncé would support the group publicly and financially.

“Do you think they know that [they are] giving money to an anarchistic group like this that wants to tear down the country and is talking about genocide, and really really extreme things?” O’Reilly asked Washington Times reporter Kelly Riddell. “You think they have any idea what they’re doing?”

In short, Riddell replied “Yes.”

Earlier in the segment, O’Reilly criticized Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley for issuing an apology for his “All Lives Matter” comments at this year’s Netroots Nation conference.