Robin Thicke denies he's engaged to 20-year-old girlfriend

Robin Thicke and his girlfriend, 20-year-old April Love Geary, have hardly been seen apart since Thicke’s split from his former wife, Paula Patton … but Thicke says that doesn’t mean they’re engaged.

Thicke, 38, responded on Wednesday to claims that he had proposed by saying that such reports were “100% not true.”

The claims were made by Life and Style Weekly, which said that Thick had proposed to the model because he “doesn’t want to risk losing her.”

Thicke turned to Twitter saying that he’s not engaged, and took the opportunity to promote his new single, featuring Nicki Minaj.

Thicke and Geary been together since November, and while Thicke maintains that they are not ready to take their relationship to that next level, all accounts are that their relationship is only growing and becoming stronger. Thicke has even introduced Geary to his five-year-old son by Patton, and all three were recently spotted together on the beach.