Deborah Cox slated to play Josephine Baker, Whitney Houston in 2016

Deborah Cox has left the life of the pop singer behind for some time now and has instead been enjoying her time on the Broadway stage, where she is slated to play two of the most iconic black women to achieve worldwide fame: Josephine Baker and Whitney Houston.

“Josephine” will see its world premiere next spring at the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota, Florida. Cox is attached to the project for five years and said that she looks forward to showing a new side of Baker: “The role focuses on five years of her life and it tells a story about her struggle and really looking for love and not wanting to go back to the poverty that she grew up in and grew up with.”

“She was a woman who overcame many, many struggles,” Cox said. “She became a pilot and she fought head on against Hitler’s Nazi regime. There’s a lot of content, a lot of her story that a lot of people don’t know.”

Cox also spoke about her involvement in the Lifetime biopic “Whitney,” in which she sang the vocals for the controversial project.

“What was my reaction? For me I go from show to show that I’m passionate about and I’m not really thinking about what the response is going to be. I don’t take all of that on. I just go forward with blinders on and I go with my heart and my passion and I know what I want to bring to each role that I take on,” she said of the controversy surrounding the project.

Only weeks after the biopic debuted, Cox was announced to be taking the lead role in the musical production of “The Bodyguard,” which is a musical production of the film that originally starred Houston and Kevin Costner.

“I think the thing with ‘The Bodyguard’ is it’s an iconic movie, everyone knows the music and it represents a moment in all of our lives and it’s really going to be about making sure that I tell that story. I can’t wait to do it,” Cox said.

Check out Mike Ruiz’s stunning images of Cox as lady Josephine below.