Cher shuts down internet troll in one epic tweet

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Since it was released on Monday, the video of a black student being dragged out of her classroom by a resource officer at Spring Valley High school has sparked much debate.

Some say it was an excessive use of force that clearly qualifies as assault, while others couldn’t help but speculate if she did something to provoke the officer’s action.

One person who didn’t mince any words about her opinion is music legend Cher.

In a tweet posted the same day the footage was released, the singer writes, “Teen girl in classrm thrown around like rag doll.Every1 on TV saying“we can’t see what she did b4 video” Who gives a flying F–k. She’s a CHILD”

When one of her Twitter followers pushed back by tweeting the child “disserved” what happened to her, Cher shut her down without batting an eyelash.

Check out the exchange below.