David Justice slams Halle Berry on Twitter for ruining her exes, Eric Benet co-signs

Talk about airing your ex out in public.

David Justice was on his Twitter Monday night airing his feelings about his ex-wife Halle Berry and her recent divorce news.

Justice essentially accused the Oscar winner and her “team” of character assassination — not only against him but against all of Berry’s other exes.

“Yup..Me, Eric, Gabriel and Oliver were all her ‘Knight in Shining Armor’ until it ends,” Justice tweeted. “Then we all become the worst guys in history.”

Eric Benet caught wind of Justice’s tweets and offered his endorsement Tuesday morning:

“My man [David Justice] is tweeting some truth ‘dis mornin’!” Benet posted.

Most of Justice’s tweets were aimed at disputing a rumor that he was physically abusive towards Berry during their marriage.

“Halle never said I hit her,” Justice tweeted, referring to the rumors he was the “former boyfriend” responsible for Berry being partially deaf in one ear.

Justice also not-so-subtly implied that actor Wesley Snipes was the culprit. The former outfielder ended several of his tweets with capital letters “WS.”

Oh, the shade.

You can check out Justice’s tweets below: