Omarosa supports Trump’s bid for President, says she knows him ‘as a father’

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Last week, Celebrity Apprentice star Omarosa Manigault appeared alongside her former boss, now GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, as he gathered more than 100 African-American ministers for a meeting in New York City.

The more than 2-hour meeting at Trump Tower resulted in some of the ministers endorsing Trump for president.

In a new clip from Thursday’s episode of Steve Harvey, Omarosa sets the record straight on her relationship to Trump, calling him a mentor and “a father.”

“We have a long history. Donald and I started out in 2003 with The Apprentice, and I’m proud to be a part of that franchise,” Omarosa said. “In terms of him running for president, it’s something that he wanted to do, it’s a dream. And I’m a very loyal person. I know him as a friend, as a mentor, as a father. You all are getting to know him as a candidate. That’s the way you know him. I know him differently. And I will continue to be a friend to Donald Trump throughout this entire journey for him, and hopefully he gets exactly what he wants.”

Harvey immediately hit back, saying he would run for President in the future if Trump wins.  

“I tell ya’ right now, in case you’re wondering where I stand on Donald Trump. I love his golf courses, I love his buildings, I like him as a guy,” he said. “If he becomes President of the United States, in eight years, I’m running.”

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