Woman dies after being forcibly removed from hospital by police

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A Florida woman collapsed and later died after she was forcibly removed from a hospital, authorities said on Thursday.

The woman, Barbara Dawson, went to Liberty Calhoun Hospital complaining of breathing difficulties, but the hospital said that she was stable and released her. However, Dawson maintained that she was having issues and wanted to remain in the hospital.

According to Blountstown Police Department chief Mark Mallory, the police were then called to remove Dawson, and she was arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing.

However, Dawson, who was still in handcuffs, collapsed after being removed from the hospital, and the officer who arrested her escorted her back into the hospital after her collapse.

We were told by a doctor once she got back in the hospital that her vital signs were good and it was their decision to readmit her,” he said.

Tallahassee attorney Daryl Parks, who is now representing Dawson’s family, said that the hospital mishandled Dawson in this incident by trying to force her to leave. The most reasonable thing to do is to let her sit there and be able to settle down until she felt well. Instead, she is forcibly removed and put in cuffs,” Parks said. “The early facts of this case should cause a great concern for everyone.”

An autopsy will be performed on Dawson, with the results to be released Wednesday. The incident is now under investigation.

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