T.I. picked up the tab for single mothers at Walmart for the holidays

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On Christmas Eve, T.I. walked into two different Georgia Walmarts and announced, “All the single mamas, raise your hand.”

In a video posted to Youtube, T.I. explained that he wanted to pick up the tab for “unexpected Christmas shoppers” for the holidays, and he went around to single mother after single mother with his surprise.

But what’s more, T.I. encouraged the mothers to get something for the kids or for themselves that they wouldn’t normally be able to afford.

“Hey you got stuff that you’re trying to get, that you couldn’t give him?” T.I. asked one mother before telling her to “Go get it.” And he did the same for more and more single mothers throughout the stores.

A lot of flat-screen TVs and Xbox’s later, T.I. had absolutely made Christmas for many, many families.

Watch the video above!

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