Uber’s New Year’s Eve surge pricing outrages passengers worldwide

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In the days before New Year’s Eve, Uber tweeted out several times that the prices for using its services would rise in hot spot areas such as Los Angeles.

Despite multiple warnings, though, customers were still surprised and outraged, tweeting out their complaints about the price surge.

“Thanks @Uber for making my first purchase of 2016 one my bank account will never forget. ,” tweeted one customer.

“Uber Surge pricing was insane last night! I think people forgot regular taxis exist,” tweeted another, referencing the fact that taxis in Los Angeles are not allowed to participate in surge pricing, though the rule does not apply to Uber.

Uber, for its part, posted warnings telling people to carpool and otherwise pool their money prior to the price surge, saying on its website, “Surge pricing shouldn’t be a surprise!”