A South Florida woman saw that another car was speeding and followed the car to confront the man behind the wheel. The interesting part? The man was a police officer.

The conversation between the woman and the officer was recorded and posted in three video clips last week to YouTube. The two cars pulled over, and the officer poked his head into her window.

“The reason I pulled you over today, and I’m asking you to come over and have a conversation, is because I saw you since Miller Drive, when you were first jumping onto the Palmetto, and you were pushing 90 miles an hour,” the woman told the officer.

“Really?” the officer said. “Okay.”

“It’s just troublesome, you know, to see,” she said. “I mean, I’m sure he’s a good guy, but you know, nobody’s above the law.”

The officer explained that he pulled over because he thought she was the one having issues.

“Everything fine?” the officer asked.

“No, everything’s fine,” the woman responded. “It’s your speeding.”

“Well, then I apologize,” the officer replied. “And I’ll be sure to slow down then.”

The police are now looking into the incident.

“The Miami-Dade Police Department will have the officer’s immediate command staff investigate the matter, once the officer and citizen are identified,” police director Juan Perez told CBS affiliate WFOR in a statement. “The appropriate course of action will be taken at that point.”

Check out the three videos below.