Off-Duty NYPD officer beaten by police in his home wins suit

An off-duty NYPD officer who was beaten by his fellow police officers inside his own home has been awarded $15 million by the city as of Wednesday.

During the incident in 2010, Officer Larry Jackson was beaten with batons, sprayed with pepper spray, choked and kicked, and the attack left his hand fractured.

His wife had called police to help resolve a dispute that had taken place outside their home after their daughter’s birthday party, but when police arrived to the scene, they mistook Jackson for an agitator and ignored his attempts to identify himself as they tried to subdue him.

“Dude, it is my house and I am a police officer too,” Jackson said.

He was handcuffed and taken to the stationhouse even after his NYPD shield was found in his front pocket.

On Wednesday, the Brooklyn Federal Court jury declared that Jackson was entitled to punitive damages from 12 individual officers totaling $2.6 million, in addition to $12.5 million in damages.

“He’ll never be compensated for the disrespect he’s received from the police department,” said Jackson’s attorney, Eric Sanders. Additionally, the suit noted that Jackson’s hand has still not fully recovered since the attack, which may force him to retire as he is unable to hold a gun.