Edmund Lee Student African-American
Edmund Lee (Image via Fox 2 Now video)

Edmund Lee really loves attending Gateway Science Academy in Missouri.

The third-grader is an above-average student and wants to remain at the school even though his family is moving to a nearby district.

Due to state laws, Lee won’t be able to remain at Gateway – because he’s black.

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According to a Fox 2 Now report: 

State law allows some county residents the opportunity to attend a city charter school, but they must live in a district participating in transfer programs, and cannot be an African-American.

“When I read the guidelines I was in shock,” said La’Shieka White, Lee’s mother. “I was crying.”

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School officials say the reason behind the guidelines is a decade-old regulation that was meant to address desegregation years ago.

White launched a Change.org petition to get state lawmakers to revisit and change the existing rules.

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White said that she has also heard from the parents of white children who have been denied transfer status for African-Americans.

“I don’t want it to be just about an African-American boy,” White told Fox 2. “I want it to be about all children.”

Some staff members at Gateway Science Academy have also signed the petition.

Lee’s third grade teacher Tiffany Luis said she doesn’t understand why her student cannot stay at the school.

“To not see his face in the halls next year would be extremely sad,” Luis said,