Riot breaks out in Alabama prison, inmates armed with swords

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The William C. Holman Correctional Facility in Alabama is on lockdown after about 100 inmates rioted and took control of a prison dorm and started a fire in the hallway after stabbing the warden and a corrections officer.

An inmate with a contraband cell phone captured footage of the riot. In the footage, the inmates appear to be armed with swords, and several have covered their faces with towels.

The expletive-filled video shows one inmate saying, “It is going down,” following the stabbings of the warden and corrections officer.

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“When the warden responded to the situation he was also stabbed. Inmates tried to take control of one of the dorms,” said Alabama Department of Corrections spokesman Bob Horton, who also noted that the injuries sustained were not life-threatening.

Several of the inmates were reportedly able to post images from the riot on social media, and some claimed that the riots were part of a fight for their lives against the way they were treated in prison.

After the riot was quelled, Governor Robert Bentley commended the Department of Corrections for bringing the riot to an end quickly but also noted that incidents like this would continue to happen without further prison reform, especially in regards to overcrowding.

“The situation at #Holman is under control, but is another reminder that we must address the issues that plague our prison system,” Bentley tweeted.

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