Teacher resigns after he’s caught making crude comments to student

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Monday, Georgia school teacher Cory Hunter resigned from his job after a recording of him berating a student went viral.

Student Shaniaya Hunter (no relation) says the former ‘Teacher of the Year’ made a habit of verbally berating her in front of her class and showing no compassion for her eye condition that caused her to miss days of school.

Disheartened by a lack of support from the school administration, the teen eventually chose to tape an encounter with her teacher.

Girl records teacher verbally assaulting her in front of class

“I have been around for 37 years and clearly you are the dumbest girl I have ever met,” Hunter can clearly be heard saying on the audio, amongst other disparaging remarks.

Following the public outcry, school system superintendent Chris Houston told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the educator had apologized for his behavior and resigned during a school board meeting earlier this week.

During the 4 minute clip, Hunter tells the young woman her only purpose in life will be to have sex and have babies, makes fun of the 16 year old’s vision problems and even advises her to get married and change the last name they have in common.

The father of two boys has been with Greene County High School since 2011.

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