Realtor Lauren Houston, a Beverly Hills real estate agent, was fired over comments made on pro-Trump Instagram posts.

Houston wrote several racially disparaging comments on the Instagram page for Black and Brown United for Change, including, “Get these thugs out of our country… we need a wall… are you kidding!!! Go Trump.” She also called Mexicans “dirty” and commented on a picture of an African-American woman: “Her thing on her head…Ew.”

Sam Real, owner of Sam Real Group, hardly hesitated in firing her.

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“At the Sam Real Group, we believe that every individual no matter what their skin color, race or ethnicity is equal in every way,” he said in a statement. “We do not tolerate hateful or racist speech in regards to the comments made by a member employed by Sam Real Group. The employee in question has been terminated from the group. Again, on our behalf please accept our apologies.”